Maker's Stories, Aïtaro Collective

Maker's Stories, Aïtaro Collective

Through the windy roads of the Lefkada mountains, sitting tucked away from tourist attractions and the busy ports, is the very quaint Aïtaro Collective // True Cloths. A space of creativity, heritage, tradition and art. A place we feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon.

Aïtaro Collective is a group of creatives, united under the common affinity for textile arts and the local folk tradition of Lefkada, Greece. Together they have formed a Social-Cooperative Enterprise, whose core values revolve around creative expression, cultural heritage and social evolution, in harmony with nature. With a dream to be a bridge of the old ways, into a new era.

Their key goals are to...

– Embody cultural tradition, safekeep and transmit the knowledge of the past for self-sufficiency, with the active practice of handmade techniques in a collective process.

– To experiment and test alternative production and trade systems, investigating sustainability, social justice and circular economy solutions.

Husk and Honey has been lucky enough to gather a small collection from this wonderful collective, a range of woven products including small shoulder bags, scrunchies and table runners. We were delighted to have meet a couple of the wonderful Women who lead this collective, including a fellow mother and daughter duo who have both been part of the creation of the pieces we have purchased from this incredible collective. These items will be part of our wider Greece and Turkey launch in mid June this year.


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