Meet The Makers

All products are either handmade by us, designed by us and made ethically, or sourced from ethical artisans in New Zealand or around the world. We are fortunate enough to have travelled overseas to meet many of our artisans, to work collaboratively with a range of talented creatives, and learn more about the fair trade practices that are in place. We have dedicated this space to sharing more about our artisan's, their stories & our own experiences.

Made in Nepal

Nepal is another place dear to our hearts. We get a beautiful range of cashmere, wool, hemp and copper products made in Nepal through a range of talented artisans and social enterprises.

Bishwas and Helping Hands

"My company always prioritised women from uneducated, unskillful and lower caste backgrounds. Giving them employment to enable them to be financially independent and the ability to better support their families. I ensure there is enough work for them on a daily basis so they maintain a steady stream of income. However they have a flexible schedule. After hiring, I provided free training to each employee and then work". 

We were lucky enough to be introduced to our Nepalese partner Bishwas through a mutual friend here in Aotearoa. The inspiring Bishwas is a man with a mission to provide training and work for Nepalese Woman in small villages, who otherwise would not have access to a living wage income. Bishwas works hard to provide woman living remotely and in his village with work that fits into their lifestyle, prioritising culture and tradition before work and profit. Bishwas provides his workers with training first, and then sewing and felting work. All of our throws, hemp products, and NZ wool items are made by these talented artisans.

Made in Bali and wider Indonesia

Bali, one of our favourite places in the world! We are so lucky to work with an abundance of talented creatives who supply us with a range of stunning pieces for our collection.

Tina and Komang

Tina is an inspiring and talented Balinese business Woman & Mother, working hard to support her family through her tailoring business. Tina hires her friends help out in her quaint studio hidden away in Ubud, Bali. One of the lovely ladies Tina works with is Komang, a ray of sunshine we have been lucky to work with too! Tina is dedicated to looking after her staff and pays them all the living wage. We have visited Tina's shop and studio and love the friendly, easy going and family oriented feel the space has. Tina used to help us create our clothing line when we were La Luna, she now helps us create all our cloth products such as masks and aprons.


Nicole & her Balinese family have connections with small artisans all around Bali, Nicole helps us to support small and independent Balinese owned and operated businesses, ensuring we are able to work directly with the makers (cutting out anyone who might take unfair cuts off these independent makers). Nicole and her family work hard to supporting & showcase the wonderful work of these artisans and their small businesses, providing them with access to overseas and tourist markets for their products. 


On our last trip to Bali we were super excited to connect with the lovely team at Ananda. A social enterprise founded in 2019 to meet a growing demand for quality & sustainable Indonesian products. With the founders having backgrounds in community development and Biotechnological Science, they hold the strong belief that contribution – small or big – has a great impact. We are excited to be working with Ananda to develop products that are sustainable - environmentally, culturally and grass-roots economically.


Noka is another incredible, Woman led business we get to work with! Noka offers an avant-gardist vision with ethical, sustainable, and handcrafted luxurious interior design products. Run by two women, embarking on a journey to evoke the senses with perfumes, shapes, and colors.

"The ecological and ethical challenges that weigh on our generation have been a source of innovation to develop products completely handcrafted with as many natural materials realistically possible. Our vision is to transform the concept of home as an experience through senses being in constant evocation."

Made in Vietnam

Vietnam holds a special place in our hearts, we have visited many times & made life long friends with some incredible Vietnamese creatives and artisans. We source a range of products from small, independent artisans and studios.

Kei Co Family

A Vietnamese Family located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Generationally this family has over 100 years experience in traditional handicraft. For years this was done on a small scale, until the most recent generation decided it would be a good idea to share the talent of their artisans on a slightly larger scale, creating a growth in job opportunities for dedicated Vietnamese artisans.

"We combine between 2nd generation and 3rd generation, between Tradition and Modern, Past and Future, Production and Marketing. We work to make the earth greener with qualified natural products, keep jobs for Vietnamese Artistans with more orders and bring handmade products to our customer’s heart" 

Mrs Nga & Family

Introduced to us by Nhi, Mrs Nga owns a small, family operated tailor. We work directly with Mrs Nga and her daughter, a very talented duo who have been helping us bring a very special collection to life! As of Sept 2023 we are working with Mrs Nga to develop a beautiful, fair trade Baby/Child clothing range. Made from muslin, linen and hemp fabrics.

An Nhiên Pottery Studio

We were so lucky to stumble across this gem! A beautiful wee studio that sells original pottery pieces as well as collections that didn't make the cut from big companies, that would otherwise end up in the landfill. This studio is filled head to toe with stunning (usually limited edition) pieces from talented artisans around Hanoi and Da Nang, and we love curating collections from all the treasures we find.


Nhi is not one of our artisans, but rather a good friend who lends a hand when we come to Hoi An Vietnam. Nhi owns a wonderful Homestay nestled just out of the the busy old town & provides us with accommodation when we visit Vietnam. Nhi is also a valued business partner, coming with us as a translator and helping us to source ethical and sustainable products from local artisans. We feel so lucky to have Nhi as part of our business.

Made in Cambodia

When Nadia visited Cambodia in 2014 she knew then this was a special place! 9 years later, we finally got back to this incredible Country and meet some talented artisans making big moves in the fair trade space.

The Fair Trade Village

The Fair Trade Village is an incredible initiative, set up to both support and celebrate Khmer Artisans. This hub gives local artisans a space to not only produce their craft but also to showcase / sell it to both the Cambodian and Foreigner market. This amazing collective guarantees authenticity and fair trade practices - making a positive impact on the local community, helping to preserve ancient skills and advancing the economies of many communities that rely on handicrafts for survival. We are very lucky to have been able to connect and work with individual artisans here to help curate our pottery collections.

Made in New Zealand

The Husk and Honey Team

New Zealand, Aotearoa is Home for the fair trade collective owners Nadia and Elke. Whilst both of us love to travel and spend time in other places around the world, NZ is the place we will always come back to and continue to call home. We have a range of products made in New Zealand by the Fair Trade Collective team and partners. Artisanal products created by and made by us.