Environmental Impact

Our Environmental promise,

We have dedicated this space to sharing with you, how Husk and Honey promises to always consider the planet, environmental concerns and sustainable practices in all facets of Husk and Honey, from production to packaging.

Husk and Honey strives to ensure that the production, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and disposal of each and every one of our products is considered... with sustainable and eco-abiding practices being implemented where and whenever possible. All products are made from materials that can be reused, reduced, composted or recycled!

We use the 4 R's to implement these sustainable and eco abiding practices:

Reduce, Reuse, Refuse & Recycle - 
Here at Husk and Honey we strive to -

1. Reduce the waste we may create (no packing slips, emailed receipts and invoices only, limited new packaging and only necessary packaging on products). 
2. Reuse each and every item that comes into contact with our store/studio - this includes fixing broken/returned items to resell at a discounted price, or keeping these ourselves. We use a range of up-cycled boxes, bags, paper, card, wraps, tissue, material and sometimes plastics (as we don't want to throw them in the bin and would rather continue to give them a second, third... hopefully 50th life), to wrap your order.
3. Refuse & limit our own consumption as a business. We ask for invoices to be emailed, will pickup products when possible to avoid an unnecessary use of packaging, only ever order what we know we can sell (small batches of items at a time), so we do not create dead stock.
4. Recycle all the packaging that comes into our store/studio and only use compostable or recyclable mailers (if not reused).