Social Impact

He aha te mea nui tea o? He tangata he tangata, he tangata! What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people!

At the centre of all things we do & decisions we make is the deep consideration of people - from our customers, to our makers & the community. 

Giving back to Aotearoa

At the heart of Husk and Honey is The Social Project, a dedicated part of our business, that works to give back to the community.

A portion of each sale we make though Husk and Honey, goes towards our current Passion Project. We are currently working on two projects.

  1. The creation and distribution of care packs for deserving youth, through our partnership with the awesome team at Te Ora Hou, Northland. Te Ora Hou is a national network, working with young people to ensure that they are provided with the support, space, time and resources they need to reach their full potential. This is done by guiding those who need it through life's inequities and hurdles, and providing them with the basic essentials they need to grow, learn and flourish in Aotearoa.

    "Their needs are the centre of our attention and their development is the heart of our work. We are committed to providing focused, practical and strategic actions to issues facing young people and their families through innovative projects and the formation of meaningful relationships. Each Te Ora Hou project has arisen and evolved in direct response to the identified needs of young people in our communities. We aim to build confident, responsible and courageous young people."

  2. Our Collectively Homegrown cookbook, donating 100% of profits to Women's Refuge NZ. You can find out more about this kaupapa and support the cause here.

Paying it forward

Every time you shop with us, you are not only taking home or gifting a beautiful, ethical and sustainable item... you are also making a donation towards care packs and basic essentials for the youth at Te Ora Hou.

Conscious and Fair Trade Consumerism:

Fast fashion/homeware is everywhere, it’s accessible & affordable and something that over the years, has become the norm... but we want to work towards changing that. We do not believe that any material item, is more important than a life (you are probably thinking duh) - but the reality is that many everyday items are made in factories that do not provide workers with access to basic human rights, leaving them to work in unhygienic, dangerous and hazardous working conditions.

We have ensured that our products are made ethically, by artisans in New Zealand and other places around the globe. We do our utmost to personally visit each place in which our products are made & to ensure that workers are paid a living wage and work inline with fair trade guidelines. You can find more details about where products are made on our Maker's Page.

Fair Trade

Here at Husk and Honey we believe strongly in the power of Conscious Consumerism... aka the consideration, awareness and understanding of the social, environmental and ecological impact, of our own individual purchasing decisions.