Hygge, Slow Living & Husk and Honey.

Hygge, Slow Living & Husk and Honey.

Hygge; The Danish term for taking pleasure from the simple yet wholesome things in life. Finding and creating joy and contentment in the everyday moments that make up our daily life.

Hygge was the 'buzz' word of 2016, fleetingly quoted & incorporated into many feel good Instagram and Pinterest feeds.. before slowly fading away again. We at Husk and Honey however have not forgotten the term and the inspiring notions it celebrates, as we believe that now more than ever - slow & meaningful living is of utmost importance. 

At Husk and Honey we have based our philosophy on Hygge. Our collections and products have been inspired by the wholesome lifestyle that Hygge so beautifully embodies, with the hope to provide our customers with a range of luxurious everyday products that celebrate slow, meaningful, cosy and beautiful moments in our day to day lives. 

Life can be hectic and modern day society has become increasingly engulfed in a fast 'hustle culture' that can often be detrimental to the mind, body and soul. Taking time out for ourselves is a simple practice that so many of us neglect... It's often not a priority and put in the 'too hard basket', as we continue to race through life, ticking off our to do lists. Mindfulness, comfort, connection, joy and happiness should not be neglected & should be part of our day to day experience - and shouldn't cost us, nor put us out in any way. You see Hygge is not about grand gestures and big moments... but rather, embracing little luxuries and comforts everyday. It's about finding deeper meaning within ordinary life and building a meaningful & mindful connection within our world.

At Husk and Honey we have had many discussions between ourselves, and with loved ones... about how Hygge looks for us, and we have come up with a few simple ideas of how we can incorporate this wonderful philosophy, in some key areas in our day to day lives. We encourage you to do the same! Your list will likely look different to ours - write down a few simple things that will make you smile and try to practice them as often as possible. 

1. People: We all know that surrounding ourselves with the people we love makes us happy. Make the phone call or pop over to that dear friends house for a cup of tea. Invite your loved ones over for a pot luck and sit around the fireplace or under the sun, play games and share stories... in times like these, a simple text or call can make a world of difference. 

2. Home: Surround yourself only with things you love, allowing your home to be a space that you feel at ease. Bring the outside greenery into the home, connecting yourself with the natural world. Surround yourself with candles, candle light is magical and can turn any ordinary moment into something special. Create a quiet space where you can journal, read a book, practice yoga.

3. Food: Garden to table is a great way to connect with nature and turn any meal into a beautiful experience. Plant your own fruit and veg, prepare it together with loved ones, setting a table with all the trimmings. Enjoy freshly made bread and homemade soup, followed by a warm hot chocolate in you favourite mug. Don't deprive yourself from indulging now and then, everyone deserves treats!

4. Nature: Bundle up for a nice walk, pick flowers and leave your phone at home. Sit around a homemade fire and look up at the stars. Walk barefoot in the sand and grass, enjoy an ocean swim, watch the sunset. Create a garden and get your hands in the soil. Go on picnics or take your morning tea for a walk.

Our Essential Hygge goodies:

1. Comfy warm slippers or socks
2. A cozy blanket
3. The perfect mug
4. Comfort food recipes
5. Lots of candles
6. A good book 
7. A picnic rug and basket
8. A journal and Pen
9. Yoga Mat
10. Beautiful Crockery and Pottery to enjoy making and eating meals with.
11. Relaxation Pillow
12. Vases and Pots full of flowers and plants

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