Husk and Honey

The Kirihimete Candle

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‘The Candle’ we think it’s an essential… Our candles are hand-poured using a mix of Coconut and Soy Wax, a mix that is better for the environment, burning cleaner and greener. Our Christmas candles come in a gorgeous little calico bag, ready to be gifted or enjoyed at home this Christmas. 

Kirihimete: A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy… Warm ginger bbread cookies straight out of the oven, lathered in vanilla and cinnamon icing. A warm fire place. The fresh and sweet smell of pine needles on your Christmas tree.

SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION SIZE: 200ml with a 30 - 40hr burn time
300ml with a 50hr - 70hr burn time
600ml with a 80hr - 100hr burn time