The Project


At the heart of Husk and Honey is The Project, a dedicated part of our business, that works to give back to the community.

A portion of each sale we make though Husk and Honey, goes towards the creation and distribution of care packs for deserving youth, through our partnership with the awesome team at Te Ora Hou, Northland. 

Te Ora Hou is a national network, working with young people to ensure that they are provided with the support, space, time and resources they need to reach their full potential. This is done by guiding those who need it through life's inequities and hurdles, and providing them with the basic essentials they need to grow, learn and flourish in Aotearoa.

"Their needs are the centre of our attention and their development is the heart of our work. We are committed to providing focused, practical and strategic actions to issues facing young people and their families through innovative projects and the formation of meaningful relationships. Each Te Ora Hou project has arisen and evolved in direct response to the identified needs of young people in our communities. We aim to build confident, responsible and courageous young people." 

Inequities can arise when access to education, resources, support, culture, time, safety and basic health care, are limited or in some cases non-existent. Te Ora Hou works to bridge the gaps that may be acting as a barrier to young Kiwi's and sometimes this is as simple as a meal, someone to chat to, a pack of sanitary items or a school book - This is where we come in (with your help). Every time you shop with us, you are not only taking home or gifting a beautiful, ethical and sustainable item... you are also making a donation towards care packs and basic essentials for the youth at Te Ora Hou. We work closely with the team at Te Ora Hou to identify the needs of the youth they work with, and then together decide how we can best alleviate the hurdles these young people are facing through providing them with essentials... From care packs for young parents, to sanitary items, and stationary.

We thank you so much for choosing to shop with us, every little bit helps and together we can make a big change for the better!