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Here at Husk and Honey we are all about community and collective entrepreneurship. Sure, creating and growing a business is a huge accomplishment but it wouldn't be nearly as fun, rewarding (or even possible in the first place) without all the other amazing makers and shakers we get to work with!!

As of 2023 we have expanded our online site to include some of our favourite creators from here in New Zealand. Husk and Honey are thrilled to have partnered with a range of other Women led brands, as we bring our collective philosophy online! This space is dedicated to sharing the story of these brands and their range

Nadia and Elke, Husk and Honey

Ethically products for you, your whānau & your home

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The original two! Nadia and Elke not only host this collective space online and in store, but they also have their own range of products that are either made by the duo or sourced ethically - you can find out more about Husk and Honey here.

Co Curated, Carissa

Graphite Pencil Sketches | New Zealand Artist

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Being one of many lockdown inspired initiatives, Co Curated offers boutique and unique hand - drawn prints at limited quantities. 

Carissa is the founder and artist behind the current and future drawings Co Curated offers. Carissa has loved art for as long as she can remember, with pencil drawing developing as her preferred medium over the last few years. This love of drawing led Carissa to follow a career path into architecture - another passion of Carissa's which she believes has helped her to progress Co Curated to what it is today.

Carissa takes immense care with each artwork she draws, ensuring that all the details, including the slightest hinds of shade difference are reflected in the final outcome. Carissa aspires to achieve artwork that portrays a sense of realism, mixed with minimalism - fitting into any interior setting while still retaining her own personal artistic style.

Carissa has found it extremely rewarding to launch Co Curated and is excited to continue to produce prints and develop the brand as a whole.

Velvet Heartbeat, Suzie

Vegan Leather Bags and Wallets, Handmade in NZ

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Velvet Heartbeat was created in 2017 by Suzie Eggleton, who had spent many years working in the fashion industry and in film costuming. After falling in love with leather accessories, Suzie set out to explore high quality, cruelty-free options that did not contribute to the harsh impact of the fashion industry. Unsurprisingly, this was a tricky feat. So she began crafting her own label of handbags from upcycled vegan leather and plant-based textiles. Working from the sun room of her Auckland home studio with odd ends of fabric she’d collected over time, Velvet Heartbeat was born.

Every product is made by Suzie, in her tiny workroom in Auckland, New Zealand. Suzie firmly believes in providing fair wages and safe working conditions, so when she looks outside the workroom for help with production, Suzie seeks makers who live up to these standards too.  

Velvet Heartbeat is licensed by the Buy NZ Made Campaign to use the Kiwi trademark to promote our New Zealand Made goods that meet the requirements of the Fair Trading Act for Country of Origin labelling. 

Terrazzo Trinkets, Sam

Unique & Versatile Home Decor | Made in NZ

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A note from Sam herself...

My name is Sam and I am the creator of Terrazzo Trinkets. 

Arts and crafts have always been apart of my childhood growing up, from scrapbooking to card making and nail art. I have always been the type of person keen to try any trending art of craft. This was particularly true when i moved into an empty home and I needed to furnish and decorate on a budget. I also enjoy painting and flipping furniture but had found that a lot easier to do over summer, so insert Terrazzo Trinkets that i originally intended to fill in the gaps of time for me. 

What started out as making Christmas presents for family over lockdown in 2021, quickly grew into a passion project in 2022 making unique & versatile home decor in small batches originating from a love of terrazzo styles. Please join me in my journey making trinkets of all sizes to fit into every home from colourful and bright to soft and neutral. I hope you love my products as much as i love to make them. - Sam

EEG, Eva

NZ Made Jewellery | Woman Led NZ Business

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EEGare the initials of the talented Eva. The founder and creator behind EEG. Eva used her initials to name her jewellery label. "Jewels made myEEG."What started as a hobby after her first daughter was born in 2019, became a small business after her second daughter was born in late 2021. Each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade by Eva in her little studio in Blenheim, Marlborough. Eva has curated a stunning collection for Husk and Honey, with minimal runs of each design - so you are truly investing in a well made, unique and timeless piece each time you purchase an EEG piece. 

Fika, Tyla and Kyle

Sustainable Hammocks | Family owned NZ Business

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Fika is a family run business created by Kyle and Tyla - the proud parents of FIKA.NZ and their wee boy Bodhi. Kyle and Tyla are a couple of kiwis who are passionate about all things outdoors and protecting our beautiful country and planet. Fika have designed a product that is made from 100% recycled plastics to create the most comfy and convenient hammocks for us all to enjoy! A hammock that takes only 1 minute to put up with the simple use of the straps, so no need to muck around with tying knots. 

Why Hammocks? Hammocks are so relaxing, the natural rocking motion engages our vestibular system which controls balance in the brain, helping us to relax. Relaxing reduces stress and lowers our blood pressure and what better way to feel relaxed and content whilst being outdoors and amongst nature.

Alyssa Lloyd, Chloe

Sustainable woman's slow fashion brand | NZ Made

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Alyssa Lloyd design is a sustainable women’s slow fashion brand, locally sourced and produced in Auckland, New Zealand.We create slow fashion for fast-paced lives and help women build more conscious wardrobes. Lovingly designed and sewn by designer Chloe Win, the Alyssa Lloyd brand prioritises garments that will hold a treasured place in their wearers’ wardrobes for years to come.

Alyssa Lloyd is proud to supply Husk & Honey with their exclusive range of linen tea towels, and their ever popular fabric scrap whales. A new collection of made in NZ clothing is coming to Husk & Honey online soon.

Sineah Ellis Photography, Sineah 

Wildlife Photography | NZ Creative Business

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Sineah is the Creator behind sineahellis_photography.

"I began photography when I was in high school and have been creating / capturing photographs ever since. My photographs are all wildlife inspired; I love to capture the moments they look into the camera. I am currently a Zoology student in the last year of my degree. My passion is large carnivores and the conservation of African wildlife. None of my photographs have been edited so these are as natural as they get. Each photograph I have taken shows adventure and an insight into my life and passion. I hope you can all enjoy my photography as much as I do - There is a beautiful story hidden within each shot."