Berry Gin Sour by Jaimee Eats & Drinks!

Berry Gin Sour by Jaimee Eats & Drinks!

It’s the weekend!!! Which means Berry Cocktails definitely count as one of our 5+ a day… right?!  Thanks to the gorgeous Jaimee from @jaimeeeats we have a cocktail recipe that is perfect for these slightly warmer spring nights. Make sure you save this recipe to your favourites, once you try it… there will be no going back!

Berry Gin Sour

1. A handful of mixed berries
2. 50ml pink gin
3. 50ml lime juice
4. 1 egg white (alternatively can use aquafaba)
5. Ice cubes
6. 2 tbsp white sugar
7. 1/2 tsp citric acid

Step one: Muddle berries in cocktail mixer
Step two: Add in gin, lime juice, egg white, and a teaspoon of sugar
Step three: Add ice and shake well
Step four: To create a sugar rim, pour white sugar and citric acid onto a plate. wipe lime wedge around the rim of glass and dip into plate of white sugar + citric acid
Step five: Strain cocktail shaker mix into glass + enjoy!

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