A slice of ‘My Croatian Kitchen’ by Helena Nuić

A slice of ‘My Croatian Kitchen’ by Helena Nuić

Helena Nuić is a New Zealand born Croatian who grew up surrounded by Auckland’s tight knit Croatian community. Her passion for cooking came from watching and learning from her immigrant grandparents as they held onto home through food and shared their knowledge and love for food.

My Croatian Kitchen is a collection of recipes that have been passed down through generations, an immigrant’s tale sharing the connection to heritage through food. The recipes in this book speak to the intertwined and inescapable relationship with food in a Croatian household. Food is at the heart of home, centred around family, friends and connections. Ingredients are simple but lovingly transformed through a love of food and it’s preparation passed down from one generation to the next.

My Croatian Kitchen allows for not only the creation of authentically delicious food but an appreciation of the memories, nostalgia and pride that accompanies every recipe in this special book.

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