Sustainable Sourcing - Sailing our way to Sustainability

Sustainable Sourcing - Sailing our way to Sustainability

Sailing our way to Sustainability, by harnessing the wind to take us from island to island, as we source ethically made products from talented artisans around Greece & Turkey. 

As a little girl Nadia (one 1/2 of Husk and Honey) dreamed of living on a boat, a dream that never faded.. so in 2023 Nadia and her partner Joe realised that dream, purchasing a French built Sailboat in Nydri Greece (which also happens to be a perfect place for Nadia to be based to source gorgeous goodies for Husk & Honey) 🍯 

So, in true Husk & Honey fashion… we decided to combine Nadia’s sailing dreams, our combined love of travel & our sourcing needs together - to create a one month adventure, that would take Nadia and Elke through Greece & Turkey. The wind taking us through the islands, as we discover incredible makers and creators in small coastal villages, curating a collection of meaningful, handcrafted, made with love products, that we can offer the Aotearoa market in an exciting June 2024 release! 

Our travel’s will take us from Nydri, located in the Ionian Sea, through to the Aegean Seas & Greek Islands, up to Turkey. We hope to not only connect with the values lead businesses that we have already reached out to, but to also discover other likeminded enterprises. Our focus will be on creating a collection filled with textiles & earthen ware - with a natural, coastal vibe. A collection that connects traditional artisanal practices with modern, sustainable design. 

Our goal is to make this journey the most sustainable sourcing trip yet. We acknowledge that we have had to fly here, however we plan to avoid flights / car travel whilst in Greece and Turkey and to harness the wind as much as possible to take us from Island to Island. Planning our trip by looking at the wind & making sustainable travel decisions accordingly. 

We are extremely excited to bring this collection to you all, as well as the story behind the pieces we source. Celebrating conscious consumerism and a meaningful way of supporting the artisans who shape the


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