Pottery in the Cyclades

Pottery in the Cyclades

Our Cyclades island hoping took us to both Paros and Naxos where we were spoilt beyond belief with gorgeous pottered good, handmade by local Greek potters. From the coastal town of Naousa to the hills of Paros & finally the enticing alleyways of Naxos - we meet 3, unique & talented potters who work from home studios, crafting original pieces by hand, celebrating traditional practices and utilising sustainable materials.

In the hills of Paros, we meet a lovely gentleman who loved to craft, he used clay, marble and wood to create his designs - both traditional and modern. We were excited to be able to purchase a couple of one-of-a-kind pieces for our store.

The following day we went to the seaside to meet Ria, who was delighted to show us her processes which involved using natural clay mixed with minerals from the earth around her - each speck in her coastal inspired pieces tells a story & after sharing some homemade liquor in gorgeous glasses she made - we got to hear many stories! 

A couple of days later we headed to Naxos, a couple of Nautical Miles away and lovely sail. Hidden down the quaint streets of the old town, amongst the tourist stores - was a sweet store selling handmade pottery. This pottery encompasses traditional ideas and brings them to life again, such as magic salt shaker that only works when moved the right way.

Coast to coast, island to island.. we have been overwhelmed with both the incredible skill & talents of the makers we have meet, now friends we are excited to keep working with!

Limited edition products will be available from all 3 makers in our launch very soon!





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