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If you are a business, or just love going all out when wrapping up gifts - then this blog is for you! From eco alternatives, to tips and tricks to make each package you send out or gift 'boutique store gift wrapped' ready. It's not hard to make packages look that little extra special and it doesn't have to cost the each either... (literally and metaphorically). We have teamed up with the awesome team over at StickerDot for this blog, an awesome NZ owned printing company supplying businesses and individuals with personalised stickers and cards! StickerDot offers a super easy to use online service, ridiculously affordable prices, options for smaller runs and a quick turn around time. We were lucky to work with them on our own branded stickers which we love - which is why we wanted to share this awesome brand with you! As stickers and cards are the perfect way to personalise any packaging.

Wrap it up -

Reduce, reuse, recycle: 
Wrapping paper, safety wraps (ie bubble wrap), boxes and bags are notorious for creating unnecessary waste, often only being used once to prettify a product or gift being sent out... and then destined for the landfill. This seems ridiculous, as these products are so easy to reuse and repurpose and can have a pretty long life if reused and recreated by the receiver of the package or gift!

1. Boxes, even if boxes have printing on them most cardboard boxes can be reassembled and turned inside out hiding the original branding on the inside and leaving the outside of the box clear. Simply un-attach the box at the seals so it becomes a flat pack and then reassemble the other way round, reseal and you have a lovely unbranded box! Pop your goodies inside, seal up and brand with your own stickers (StickerDot is great for this). 

2. Papers and Bags, If these don't have too many rips in them they can easily be used again and even personalised with reusable stamps, then sealed with a sticker! If ripped or broken, use scrunched up or shred to create an eco friendly alternative to bubble wrap! 

3. Bubble Wraps/ Plastics: Reuse, reuse, reuse!!! 

4. Choose eco friendly options when buying new. Wrap, boxes and bags that are made from recycled card/paper or that can easily be recycled/composted at the end of their life.

Quick and easy:

1. Material Wrappings inspired by Furoshiki; the Japanese method of folding and tying cloth to create a bag or wrap a gift for transportation. Are popping up everywhere and are a simple and easy way to wrap up gifts, time and time again!! Finish off by attaching personalised card and you have a super quick wrapping solution with very little to no waste!!

2. Pop it in a box, a shoe box (See above for making this unbranded again), or any box!! This makes wrapping odd shaped objects 100% easier. 

Personalise with StickerDot

1. Personalise your up-cycled packages with stickers! From stickers with your logo and website if you are a business, to a simple thank you from the family or Christmas themed joke for personal gift wrapping use! Stickers are a great way to spruce up your packing and gift wrapping, adding a personal touch.

2. Add a personal note with pre made cards, instead of writing many handwritten cards, write a generic message with the details you want included (If you are a business this might be your website ect) and add to each parcel going out, you can leave a small space to add a name and personal note if needed too! For personal use, you can create a set of these ready to add to gifts, then simply add the recipients name and save time on handwritten cards over festive seasons!


AD: Sticker Dot Pricing


  • Paper Stickers, standard indoor stickers perfect for labelling and branding, available in a wide range of sizes and finishes (Gloss, Matte), start at $47 for a run of x100.
  • Vinyl Stickers, options for durable waterproof & weatherproof outdoor stickers, start at $26 for a run of x10.
  • Special Stickers such as foil, embossed, hologram, and dome stickers, start at $29 for a run of x10.


  • Start at $10, with standard and premium options available. Both options offer different cards, finishes and sizes. 

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