DIY -  A series of Knots with Sineah from Macrame NZ

DIY - A series of Knots with Sineah from Macrame NZ

If you are in currently lockdown and find you have more time on your hands, or simply just enjoy being creative... This simple macrame from the beautiful Sineah from Macrame NZ is the perfect crafting project! Sineah is self taught and sells her intricate pieces on her Instagram page @macrame_nz I’d recommend checking it out if you are ever after a special piece for your home or a gift!! Today Sineah has kindly shared a simple design with us, so we can all try our hand at macrame - Below is a step by step guide & picture guide to creating your very own Macrame Wall Hanger.


A series of Knots with Sineah from Macrame NZ

For this DIY hanger you will need:

  • Rope 60cm x12 (this is the length I used but if you want a longer hanger add more)
  • Dowel or stick (mine was 15cm)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


Step by Step:

1 - Create a larks head knot on your stick and repeat using x10 pieces of string (fold the string in half and loop it around the stick to make the larks head knot) see image below. 


2 - We will then be using the square knot. To do this take 4 single pieces of string (2 of the larks heads as shown in pic 1). Then with the most left rope you are going to make a L over the middle two (pic 2) then grab the most right rope and take it over just the L then thread it under the two middle cords should look like pic 3 and 4. Holding the 2 middle cords slowly pull the right and left cord at the same time to tighten it at the top (pic 5). Then repeat this but now starting from the right cord (pic 5 and 6)

Pull tight and your knot should look like pic 7.

3 - Repeat this with all 5 pairs until you make a row (as shown in pic 8)

4 - Now to start the next row you are going to leave out the two most left and right ropes (as shown in pic 9) and repeat step 2 until your second row is complete.

5 - Again for the 3rd row you will be leaving out the 4 most left and right ropes and repeating step 2 (pic 10) 

6 - Repeat this with row 4 and 5 until you come to a point. By now your hanger should look like pic 13

7- We are now going to add a bit more detail and make it more tidy. We will be adding our 2 left over pieces of rope to each side of the hanger,      Using the lark-head knot again. (Pic 14)

8 - Now starting with one side you should have one larks head knot and 2 strings. We will be wrapping our knot around the outer piece of rope then take the rope closest to the hanger and loop it over (pic 15) then repeat this twice. Make sure to pull the knot tight so that it will stay closes to your square knots (pic 16). Repeat this going down in the direction of the square knots making sure that your wrap each piece around twice then pull tight. Once one side is complete it should look like pic 17.

9 - Repeat this on the other side your hanger and your macrame should then look like pic 18

10 - If you did your robes at 60cm it will be quite short like mine but you can cut longer bits of string at the beginning to create different lengths. Since mine was quite short I then bushed out the ends leaving it to look like pic 19.

11 - Once you have done this, all you need to do is attach another bit of string how ever you like so that you can hang it. Trim the excess to make it prettier!! Your hanger is now complete!!


Hope you have enjoyed making your hanger! 

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Tutorial, words & Images from Sineah.

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