A Small Business Story: Bali in Covid times, with Gede & Co

Here at Husk and Honey, we source many of our beautiful products ethically, from Artisans around the world! We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work with many talented creators, to bring our vision to life and bring you an array of conscious products.

However - over the past year and a half, with Covid running rife in our global community - we have noticed the hardship that many creators from small villages are facing. Villages that traditionally rely on the support from tourists and travel, and are now left with little to no income. It has become apparent, that now more than ever, it’s important to support our global community when possible, to stay connected & think of ‘local support’ in regards to all of humanity (rather than just our postcode). Small, ethical & artisanal creators are suffering, as large, fast fashion corporations with the means to sell online, find themselves in a privileged position. 

Covid has brought with it many hurdles, with delays in production and delivery, but for us none of that has mattered - as we just feel so privileged to be able to share the beautiful work of these talented makers! 


Recently we connected with the wonderful team at Gede & Co! Another social enterprise working with talented artisans in Bali. Like us, their connection with Bali came from an overseas trip! That resulted in not only lifelong business connections… but friendship. The lovely Carolyn from Gede and Co has kindly collaborated with us for this blog, telling us the story of Gede and Co - a company dedicated to supporting the Balinese community at this time.

Supporting Bali, with Gede & Co

“We are touched to team up with Husk and Honey this week to promote our jewellery alongside their beautiful & ethically sourced products. We’ve met kindred spirits, each providing you the opportunity to buy something you will love, for yourself and in the knowledge you’ve helped someone else.

We met Gede in 2019 on a family holiday in Bali. Leaving a restaurant in Nusa Dua, Gede called out “kia ora”. We hesitated – who is this street hawker? - and he said, I am Gede, “Gidday” in kiwi. Always nice to feel welcome, we fell in step and he became our trusted driver for the rest of our trip. Ubud, Seminyak, Uluwatu, the beaches and restaurants, mongoose coffee, Balinese crafts and the fun filled Waterbom water park. We chatted throughout, and I was struck by the common bond.

Gede and Kadek have four children, their oldest daughter at university (he’s so proud), a teenage daughter, and two adorable little boys. Kadek is a qualified masseuse and Gede a driver who speaks five languages. Together they’d built a good life, with a family home, an education for their children and hopes of a modest but comfortable life.

Then covid struck. Bali’s borders have been closed since March 2019 and things are really tough. With no tourists, there is virtually no work for anyone. In desperation, Kadek took a job in a hotel in Albania and the family is scraping together what they can in Bali.

I just kept thinking “that could be us”. What family with young children could withstand no work for 18 months, with everyone in the same boat and hardly any government support?  And so with three like-minded friends, we’ve decided to do something from here. Bali has a strong tradition of hand crafted jewellery, using the finest quality sliver and crafts handed down through generations. We hope to provide a sustainable living for Gede and the families of silversmiths he connects us with, through you doing nothing more than buying something nice for yourself or your friends.”

Gede and his family along with Carolyn’s daughter.

 - Carolyn

Every single piece sold makes a difference, and you can too. Support Gede and Co over at -  www.gedeandco.com 

We believe if you can be anything in this world, you should be kind! Consuming is something we do every day, but if you take just a second to think about the positive (or often negative) impact you might be making with your purchase… and choose to shop mindfully. You can make such a big change! 



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