A very ethical Christmas challenge!

A very ethical Christmas challenge!

Christmas shopping‚Ķ ūüéĄ THE CHALLENGE!!

Christmas and the gift giving season is just around the corner, however this year we ask you to think hard about what you buy & where you buy it from?! Do you know where the gifts under the tree come from? Where they are made? In what conditions?… I am sure Santa would prefer if his gifts were made ethically.

We know there are plenty of fast, huge & cheap department stores and malls offering everything and anything you can dream of… but at what real cost? What if you didn’t fall into the crazy commercial shopping buzz? What if you only shopped local and small, and could tell your loved ones the story behind each gift you give??

We challenge you to shop 100% small, local & conscious this Christmas!! See if you can do it? It‚Äôs totally possible with an array of incredible products being sold by locals both online and in boutique stores ūüĆĪ Or you can get creative making your own gifts? To help you with our 'A very ethical Christmas challenge' we have added a couple of Christmas gifting ideas that won't hurt the earth, your bank account or other human beings!!

Up - Cycle, Thrift and Recreate!
Op Shops would have to be one of the best places to get your Christmas shopping done! Why buy new when there is a high chance you can find exactly what you are looking for just by visiting a handful of second hand shops, looking on your local market place or trade me! Join the circular fashion and decor movement by giving products a second, third or fourth life! Now, there is a chance that some products may need a little extra love, coat of paint or some recreating to get them up to gifting status - but more often than not an hours worth of DIY will end up being better for your wallet and a lot better for the planet than buying new!

A couple of fun up-cycling and recreating ideas:
  • Planters:¬†Collect a range of lovely ceramic pots and mugs and use them as planters, filling each with a cute pot plant and gifting to your loved ones.¬†
  • Cookie Jar: Op shops are often filled with crystal dishes and jars. Purchase a couple of lovely jars and fill them with some homemade baking!
  • Painted Terracotta pots: Often you can find old terracotta pots in op shops, these are great for painting and¬†then gifting with a plant in or as a Pen or Utensils holder!
  • Wrapping Paper: Collect beautiful pieces of fabric to use as reusable wrapping paper! You can cut these into squares of different sizes and then use the Furoshiki¬†wrapping method. An eco-friendly and economic wrapping paper alternative.¬†
  • Macrame, knitting and crochet: If you enjoy a little knitting or crocheting then the cotton and wool section of an op shop will be a dream come true! Full of lovely balls of yarn, for a fraction of the price you would buy them for new! Christmas Scarfs, Macrame Wall Hangers and Bags... there are so many options!

Gift and Experience or Time

  • For kids this could be a voucher for a family camping trip, a pizza and ice-cream party for them and their friends in the new year, a 'yes' day where they get to choose what activities you get up to! Time spent together and memories are more valuable than any physical gift, especially for the little ones in our lives.
  • For a friend and family member this could be a voucher for a dinner out, a coffee voucher for their fave coffee cart, or simply just making the effort to meet up for a coffee and spend sometime together.
  • For your significant other you might make a voucher book gifting back rubs, get out of the dishes for free cards, or an all expenses paid night away in an air bnb or romantic picnic.

Scout your local markets (and pop ups)
For small businesses the last few months have been extra tough, so instead of heading to the mall why not pop down to your local market/pop up shops - or support your favourite local brands over instagram. It is true that small business owners do a little happy dance when they order, so why not support someone who truly values your business! You are more than likely helping them to afford a couple of gifts for their loved ones too. 

Support your friends
Do you have a friend with a small business? Well we are here to give you a friendly reminder to support them! For a lot of small businesses, support from friends and family is what helps get them off the ground initially and Christmas is often when outgoings are high as small businesses stock up (within their small runs) with the hope to sell out like Kmart will... so why not get those Christmas candles, stocking fillers and treats from your good friend, helping them to pay their rent and bills over the crazy busy season!

Reach out on community pages
Looking for something specific? Post on your local community page asking if anyone in your local community makes/sells the product you are looking for. There is a high chance that someone can at least point you in the right direction.

Shop with Husk and Honey!
Not to toot our own horn, but here at Husk and Honey we have a bunch of luxurious, beautiful and even practical goodies for Mum, Grandad, your Sister and Cousin… with more products coming over the next few weeks!! We even have a Christmas Section filled with ready to gift present ideas. Shop with us and know you are supporting local, ethical and contributing to the community through The Project each time you shop with us!

Better yet... Have your goodies all wrapped up and sent directly to your loved ones with FREE Gift Wrapping for the next 24hrs!! Buy anything online and add free gift wrapping at the checkout, you can also leave a note which we will pop into a Christmas card and include with your gift! 

Click code to apply or enter the code at the checkout: WRAPMYGIFT 
Must add gift wrapping to cart to receive. 

So why not give it a shot? And help those working hard in your community thrive… rather than helping that CEO buy their 10th holiday home.

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